CANTSTANDYA Microphone Mounts

A Really Good Cabinet Mic Mount


Liam Matthews, Owner of The Oldbar:

We have been using the Cantstandya Microphone mounts at The Old Bar for just over a month. The sound engineers see them as a fantastic addition to our in-house kit. We have quite a small stage here so the amount of room saved by not using boom stands makes a huge difference for the engineers and musicians. They clamp on really well and stand up to being bumped or knocked. We can’t recommend them enough.

Alan Smith of Bergerk Studio’s:

The Cantstandyas are a great solution for micing guitar cabs in mobile recording situations. I have two of them and I use them on every session I do. Apart from their flexibility and reliability, they are space saving and super light weight, very important when you’re lugging around a mobile studio setup.’

Deadbeat Studio’s:

The aptly named Cantstandya Mounts are well designed and rugged. Especially handy in situations where real estate is at a premium, their versatility, reliability and ease of use have seen them become an essential part of my recording rig.

Joe Bludge of the Painkillers:

Mate, I was so impressed with these stands. This was a six hour session and we didn’t have to worry about the amp mics being shifted and changing the sound. Great stuff!!

Thee Loose Hounds:

How do we get that wild Thee Loose Hounds sound?

With The Cantstandya Microphone Mounts that’s how!

No but seriously, these things rule. I wouldn’t count on anything else to hold up a Sennheiser MD421.

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